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Monday, December 25, 2006

The PowerMax Experiment – A Success!

When I decided to press ahead with upgrading our Apple notebooks, I decided to try trading in a couple of our "not needed" systems to PowerMax. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re one of the major online Mac retailers, and they're located in Oregon. The two systems we could trade-in to PowerMax were a 17 inch 1.8 GHz G5 iMac and a 12 inch 1GHz G4 PowerBook. The trades would be coiunted toward the purchase of a black Core Duo MacBook.

After looking at what systems like ours were bringing on eBay, I contacted PowerMax and asked for quotes on trade-in value for them. Gary Mead was our sale person and he sent back quotes of $625 for the iMac and $550 for the PowerBook. Frankly, I thought those were pretty damn good values; so, I agreed to buy a black MacBook from PowerMax and trade the systems against it.

While I might have been able to get more money for the systems on eBay, the market values were so close to what I could get that I was willing to give up some bucks to trade against the uncertainties of dealing with the fraud possibilities of an online sale.

Well, all that was about five weeks ago. A few days back, I got an e-mail telling me that I had been credited for the systems we shipped. The credit showed up on my credit card yesterday, about four days after I had received the e-mail notification. PowerMax had credited me for the full amount they had quoted! It was a deal I couldn’t beat!

Sometime late next year (after I get the MacBook and the MacBook Pro I bought later paid off), I am probably going to move to a Mac Pro. When I am, you can bet I’ll contact PowerMax and see what kind of trade-in value I can get on my dual G5 PowerMac. I'll have to trade its quote against a $200 deduction I know I'll get using either a government or academic deal; but my bet is that the differential would still be big enough to make it worth doing again.


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