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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The New Airport Express Base Station – Not For Me

Without nary a mention during Macworld Expo’s Keynote yesterday, Apple released a revised version of its Airport Extreme Base Station. This new device, which is still overpriced at the reduced cost of $179, sports draft N networking, a USB port for a printer or hard disk, a WAN port, three 10/100 Ethernet ports for other computer hook-ups. I’ve been hoping for a while Apple would revamp the router to make it worthwhile to buy one.

They didn’t…for two reasons.

The first is I have no Macs in the house that use Draft N networking. Actually, if I bought the router, I would have one. Apple is including software that will enable draft N networking on Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro’s, and I own one. But that’s not enough reason to go out and buy the router. Why isn’t Apple needs supplying that software to those new computer owners regardless of whether they buy an Airport Extreme router or not? Twenty-five hundred bucks for a laptop is nothing to sneeze at! All that aside, the only reason I might need “draft n” speeds is to stream music and video to more than one computer simultaneously, and I’m not likely to do that. Besides, the mere presence of any 802.11 g Mac’s in the house, and I won’t get the speed anyway.

Secondly, why in the hell didn’t Apple include Gigabit Ethernet ports in the thing vice only 10/100? This is incomprehensible since every Mac they now sell has Gigabit Ethernet ports! Don’t they know their own product line?

My current 108G D-link router has Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Wake up, Apple! You’re dropping the ball!


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