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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Slowly Clearing Front

Despite ATI’s promise to release their Radeon HD 3870 video card by the end of June, I am still waiting on mine as we approach the end of July. I ordered it from Other World Computing, and their order status is promising the card will ship in 8 more days. Hopefully, it will happen this time. ATI is remaining too quiet on the matter.

In the meantime, I called OWC and asked that the other components in that order be shipped, and they have done that. The extra RAM and a new hard drive I need to upgrade a G3 iBook are on their way and will be here in the next day or so. That means I’ll be spending some time over the next few days visiting the “ifixit” website to step me through upgrading the little notebook. I’ll be loading Jaguar up on the thing to check out my upgrading skills before shipping the machine out to my sister in law for her use. She has a copy of Tiger to load on it which, according to Mactracker, the machine will be able to run.

Rumor has it that Apple will be upgrading its notebook line soon, and I’ve seen some reports that they’ll be issuing a MacBook Pro that will have a user-seviceable hard drive. I hope so. That is my biggest complaint about the MBP I am using, i.e., I can’t upgrade the hard drive without killing my Apple Care agreement. I’ve also seen a few reports that the days of plastic MacBooks may be numbered. There’s a good chance that had Apple released 13 inch aluminum MacBooks way back when, I wold have bought one of those instead of a MacBook Pro. I realize from Apple’s standpoint that’s a reason not to transition them (in addition to weakening an already problematic Airport Extreme set-up).

We haven’t moved to 3G iPhones yet because, as you may know, there just haven’t been any in Houston or even the state of Texas, even though the ad on the Apple website this morning says the phone is “now in stores”. (I just checked with the Apple Baybrook store in Friendswood, and they have none.) I can’t say when that transition will happen now. I’m feeling no since of urgency. I may wait quite a while until I get some credit card debt associated with my purchase of the 24 inch iMac paid off. It all depends on when the phones become available here and what else financially I’ve got going. For now, I’m going to occupy myself with upgrading the iBook and playing hide-and-seek with the ATI Radeon HD 3870.


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