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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Apple Double-Standard: NO Firewire or Blue-Ray!

In a characteristically terse and dismissive reply to an e-mail lamenting the loss of Firewire, Steve Jobs wrote back that most HD camcorders start around $500. Here’s my open response:

Well, Steve, maybe $500 is a small sum of money to you; but, if you haven’t heard, there is an economic meltdown going on. Hold onto that attitude and you’ll alienate your customer base and drive Apple into the ground.

What’s even worse about it, Steve, is that you either haven’t thought it through or you’re not as smart as you’re made out to be. Have you forgotten that Apple has not equipped its Macs with any kind of Blue-Ray support? What am I supposed to do what that HD video? Burn it to a SD DVD?

As a company, Apple’s looking arrogant. If there’s a faster way to kill sales with your current customer base, I don’t know what it is. Your “switcher” base alone cannot sustain you. You guys have screwed up. You need to either put Firewire back in the MacBook or start putting Blue-Ray support in all your Macs. It’s called putting your money where your mouth is. If you expect us to spend money to upgrade cameras, we expect you to spend money to upgrade the Mac to properly handle them.


P.S. All this totally ignores that most people do not have Blue-Ray DVD players in their homes. SD is here for a while longer.

You also need to offer matte-screen options on all your notebooks.

The Bottom Line seems to be that Apple has stopped listening to its customers. Instead, the company seems to be driving further into a “we know what is best for you” mentality; and I’m sensing it so strongly that even for a guy like me who loves the Apple product line I’m starting to think about returning to the Windows world where I have more choice. I’d really prefer not to go there. To a large degree, whether I choose to or not, is up to you.


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