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Sunday, October 26, 2008

For Those Appeasers Accepting Apple’s Dropping Firewire…

Last night, I began the process of upgrading my new MacBook Pro’s “user replaceable” hard drive. I had planned on putting the new hard drive in a Firewire 800 case and then simply cloning the machine’s hard drive over to it, but I had ordered the wrong case (i.e., one that works with PATA, not SATA, drives). Dropping back to punt became the order of the day. I pushed the upgrade forward by using a Firewire 800 external disk to clone the MBP’s hard drive to the external (Maxtor Personal Touch III) drive, and then booting the MBP up on the external drive and using Disk Utility to clone the external drive’s contents onto the internal hard drive. For those in various forums telling everyone to “get over” Apple’s omission of Firewire on the new MacBook, try what I just did using USB 2.0.

And don’t forget I mentioned in the blog before this how Migration Assistant worked over Firewire versus how it worked over Ethernet. The latter is just not mature.

My point is there are LOTS of uses for Firewire when you own a Mac and USB will just never be as good.


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