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Friday, November 28, 2008

You're a WHAT?

Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” advertising campaign is meant to counter the effectiveness of Apple’s “Mac and PC” ads; but, unfortunately, all they really do is show that Microsoft is out of touch and just “doesn’t get it”. Microsoft’s ads try to offset the PC stereotype in Apple’s by displaying a wide range of PC users who are anything but stereotypes. They fail, not because the idea wasn’t a good one (it was), but because the execution of it was, quite frankly, inept.

Everyone knows as soon as an Apple ad starts that it is an analogy, a flight into fantasy, in which people play the parts of talking, thinking machines involved in the everyday life of a computer user. The ads create humorous but memorable stereotypes, make the advertising point, and vanish in a cloud of humor. They are smart, creative, and funny, which is why people enjoy and remember them.

In the Microsoft ads, however, people become de-personalized. They state flatly that they are a “PC”. Subconsciously, they tell the viewer that if they use Windows, they will become a machine; and it is exactly the machine-centric experience that Microsoft needs to help users forget. Frankly, I never could get past the “I’m a PC” utterances that made me wonder how such varied and smart people could ever get on TV and say such a thing. The phrase “I use a PC” would have largely salvaged the whole thing, though the seriousness of the ad campaign ensured it would never steal as many synapses in anyone’s brain as the Apple ads are guaranteed to do.


  • Good blog! Here at to tell you that we are NOT fans of Microsoft. They have killed innovation in the PC industry.

    By Blogger Stu, at 10:02 AM  

  • :) yes in my university try to use all open source..

    Gunadarma University

    By Blogger Shofawaty, at 1:00 AM  

  • Yes the Microsoft commercials are so lame! I can't believe they got past the first showing.

    By Anonymous Mike, at 10:13 PM  

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