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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anyone Else Buy a Defective Windows 7 DVD?

I went to Microcenter today and picked up a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate OEM. After returning home, I opened the package and found that the silver film on the bottom of the DVD had pulled off and a piece of it was sitting in the box. I've closed up the box pending an opportunity for me to return it to Microcenter in the next few days to get another copy.

This has been the first time in 23 years when I've bought software to find the media defective. I'm sure it happens from time to time to every manufacturer, but I'm, dismayed that this has happened with Windows 7 and concerned that some kind of generic defect may exist. When I go back to get another copy, you can bet I'll open that one in the store to guard against that possibility and to prevent another wasted 40 mile trip.

It's already enough hassle and expense to perform any move to Windows 7. Media defects are the last thing Microsoft needs. Hopefully, their quality assurance is good enough where the type of problem I encountered will be an isolated occurrence. If not, Microsoft may find it won the battle but lost the war.


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