Sunday, May 08, 2005

Welcome to The Cougar Blog

I'm not as involved with cougar issues in Texas as I used to be, but this blog is an attempt to get me back into as much as I'd like to be. Texas is a tough state to be in and deal with this issue; the cats are viewed as "varmints" here, even though the state changed the official designation to avoid that word and the associated heat that went with it. But make no mistake about it. The state's protection of the animals has not changed. It simply doesn't exist.

Yet, there are cougars in large portions of the state. I had an e-mail report of one up in the Spring area, north of Houston, a few months ago. The big question is whether the cat was a captive release or had made its way there in the wild. At this moment, there is no way to know, though I would suspect it is the former. But the reality is that between the palsity of effort to properly manage the cats in the state of Texas and the animal's natural secretiveness, there is no way to know. I haven't seen any newspaper reports of more sightings or of a kill, so I don't know if that cat is still up there.

Likewise, I hear from my wife's family up in Missouri all the time about mountain lion sightings up there. The same questions remain.

My hope is that with this blog I will rekindle my own involvment and engender discussion and revelation about the mountain lion in Texas and elsewhere. Comments to this blog will be enabled, so you can comment directly on the blog about anything I wwrite here. You can also send me an e-mail. Or just read along. No matter. If I've gotten you (and me) to think about cougars, then the blog has done what I'd hoped it would do.


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