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I love to camp, hike, and backpack in Big Bend. Canyonlands, and Arches National parks. That and livng in Texas has caused me to develope a love and appreciation for the Mountain Lion, which is mostly misunderstood and villanized. I have participated in two mountain lion research expeditions in Idaho conducted by Dr. John Laundre as an Earthwatch volunteer and in some acivities in my home state of Texas. This site captures my view and experiences.

The Cougar Blog

Thoughts and experiences about mountain lions and sharing our planet with them in Texas and elsewhere.

Cougar Facts

Various facts and figures about mountain lions through articles and links.

Photo Galleries

Earthwatch Team: Feb 6-14, 1999

Earthwatch Team: Feb 5-13, 2000

Cougar Media

Video taken during my mountain lion experiemces on an Earthwatch team. These are mostly old formats that may or may not work. Updating and moving them to You Tube. is in work.


A couple of brochures I put together with some mountain liom facts.

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I hope you the material presented here and on my You Tube channel will prove to be both enjoyable and educational. All material used in this website is copyrighted by William A. (Andy) Foster and is not to be reproduced or distrbuted without permission

Mountain Lion Speaker

I enjoy sharing my experiences and insights into the lives and conservation of mountain lions in Texas and elsewwehere. Contact me if you'd like me to present.

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The Cougar Blog:

"It's always a bit appalling but not surprising when an uninitiated person stumbles upon a mountain lion and, frightened out of their wits, decides that killing it is the only action left to them. It's more than a bit appalling and should be surprising when the same is done by state wildlife agencies. These are supposed to be trained, professional individuals, after all...".

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