Sunday, January 29, 2006

Welcome to the FlightBlog

I've been flying for a long time now, almost 30 years. Most of my flight time has been in single-engine general aviation aircraft. I have a little pilot time in some military aircraft (and by pilot time I do mean pilot in command) and "special crew" time as a backseater in F-14A's. I even have some pilot time in space shuttle simulators, the real things at Johnson Space Center. where I used to be an instructor. Most of my flying now is in a 1976 Grumman Cheetah my wife and I bought in June of last year. You'll probably be hearing a lot more about that airplane.

The Flight Blog is my attempt to capture some of my experiences flying, to share with you what it feels like, what I see, and what it makes me think. It is part of the FlightZone, a part of the website specially constucted to share my aviation and aerospace experiences. I hope you enjoy it.

Keep 'em flying!