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I am a FAA Commercially-rated pilot with an instrument rating, ASEL; a Light Sport Flight Instructor; a Manned Spaceflight Safey Engineer; an ex-Astronaut Trainer, ex-F-14 Radar Intercept Officer (RIO). You'll find something pertaining to all those exeperiences here.

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I hope you the material presented here and on my You Tube channel will prove to be both enjoyable and educational. All material used in this website is copyrighted by William A. (Andy) Foster and is not to be reproduced or distrbuted without permission

Aerospace Educator/Speaker

I enjoy teaching and talking about rocketry and aerodynamics, general aviation, light sport, aviation safety, manned spaceflight, and my experiences in the F14.

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Light Sport Flight Instructor


I have flown and instructed in a Flight Design CTSW(above), a Remos GX, and a RV-12.

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The Flight Blog:

Author's Note: This is a long piece…not originally written as a blog but as a story…about 18 years ago. I am republishing it here in memory of my good friend, Doug Blum. The impact of his death on my life can't be overstated, and I have recently been blessed by being contacted by one of his cousins who was also in Naval Aviation with us some years later.

Flying an airplane at night takes no different skill than flying it in the day. Or so they say. I take out my tiny, black, metal flashlight with its red light lens and shine it on the instrument panel before me to assure myself everything is there...

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The FlightZone:

Updated downloadable copy of Light Sport Pilot Sample Exam, and Light Sport Pilot Certification Requirements

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