Light Sport and Flight Reference Links

Flight Planning

NOAA Aviation Digital Data Services (Weather)

NOAA State Weather

CSC Duats

Lockheed Martin Flight Services

FAA Digital (Online) Airport/Facility Directory


FAA PIlot Web

FAA Graphical TFR's

Skyvector (Sectionals, TAC's)


FAA References

Federal Aviation Regulations

Aeronautical Information Manual

Airplane Flying Handbook

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

FAA Charts User's Guide

Runway Signs



Light Sport References

Do I go Private or Light Sport?

Light Sport Pilot (Airplane) Certification Requirements Summary

Light Sport Pilot (Airplane) CFI Certification Requirements Summary

Andy Foster, CFI-S Seminar Presentation: Bird Strikes (PowerPoint Slideshow)

Andy Foster, CFI-S Seminar Presentation: Bird Strikes (PDF)

Power and Wing Loading of the CTSW vs Other G.A. Singles

Calculating CTSW Takeoff and Landing Performance (PDF)

SLSA Directory (PDF)

FAA Listing of Existing Models (Stndard Airworthiness Certificates) that fit LSA category

Light Sport PIlot Airplane Sample Exam

Private, Rec, and Light Sport Pilot Computer Testing Supplement

FAA Legal Office Response concerning LSA Maintenance Training

2014 SLSA Continued Operational Safety Report (Accident Statistics Study)

FAA Accepted ASTM Sandards (Light Sport)

Light Sport Aicraft Airworthiness Certification (Special Conisderations for Special Airworthiness Certificates) (FAA)


Manufacturer References

Flight Design 2006 CTSW Pilot's Operating Handbook

Garmin 496 Owner's Manual

Garmin SL40 Owner's Manual

PS Engineering PM3000 (Intercom) Owner's Manual


General Reference Material

Fatigue in General Aviation (NASA Technical Memorandum)