Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Welcome to Andy's Blog

Hi there. Welcome to Andy's Blog. I intend this to be my web journal, i.e., a running commentary on my thoughts and feelings about the world around me. I'll work hard to pop something in here every day except when I'm on vacation or otherwise too seriously occupied to take care of it. Even then, I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

This doesn't mean my editorials (or "op-ed" pieces as they are known in the newspaper world) are going to stop. Quite the contrary. I'll use the op-ed format for when I have something concise,and focused to say and use the weblog when I want to be more informal. In some cases, I may take snippets from the weblog and separate them out into editorials so they'll be easier to find. Time will tell as I get used to the new formats.

When I first opened this site, nearly all my op-ed pieces were on men's issues. Well, those will still be here; but I'm going to open up more on other things, subjects ranging from world events to my own life. I hope you'll drop by and find something interesting, thought provoking, or educational. I'm going to start a weblog in "The Computer Zone", too, so if you have an interest in that world, drop by. I've become a "Switcher" over the past year, so while I'll talk about PC subjects, don't be surprised if most of my weblog has to do with the Mac and my experiences as a Mac newbee. There’s a lot more educating and learning for me to do there than in the world of Windows, though I still have one Windows XP machine I may even upgrade before long.