Friday, June 20, 2003

What is the truth?

Starting with ABC News yesterday and now Associated Press reports that are appearing all over the place, it appears that the Bush administration has edited an EPA report on global warming to remove conclusions that conflicted with its own version of reality. In essence, it appears that Bush is content to only allow Americans the right to see information as he would present it, i.e., as he believes it to be.

Did that also happen with the war in Iraq? Is it also happening with the war on terrorism?

More and more, I’m becoming convinced that this administration is not as honest as it’s been appearing. Apparently, denial really is more than a river in Egypt; it is the fuel running through Washington, D.C.

Add to these reports that surfaced over at Wired News that Senator Orrin hatch’s website is in violation of the licensing agreements for a piece of software used to run it. One that would, if we were executing the Hatch System of Computer Justice, have immediately disabled the Senator’s website. Add to this the fact that Senator Hatch made $18,000 dollars last year while he presided over hearings concerning copyright infringement and digital rights management in apparent violation of Senate Rule XXXVII, 2 (conflict of interest). And that no one is saying anything about that.

Add to that the power play by Republican whip Tom Delay who made ethically questionable moves to use the Republican majority in the Texas Legislature and Federal agencies to redistric Texas so that Republicans could maintain a choke hold on the state. (Texas Monthly named Delay as one of the state’s worst legislators, a title well deserved.) Add to that Governor Perry’s bad judgment to call a special session to continue the bad play.

It all adds up to the Bush administration and the Republican party having a huge credibility problem. They appear to be more interested in their own power than what ‘s best for the country. How far has this gone? How far will it go?