Thursday, August 21, 2003

About Immature Politicians…

The network TV news replayed President Bush’s “Bring them on” comments made months ago at the beginning of the attacks on American servicemen in Iraq. I bristle every time I hear that. In case no one noticed, attacks on American servicemen in the aftermath of those statements increased. I had not doubt that they would.

That comment was both inflammatory and immature as were Bush’s comments several years ago about “the axis of evil”. That American bravado reminds me of a teenager’s., the kid believes he’s the toughest guy in town and can’t be hurt. Age and wisdom teach him otherwise, hopefully before he gets killed, though it too often doesn’t happen that way.

In this case, though, the people that are dying because of it are American soldiers in Iraq.

In context, the statement Bush made was to “Bring them on. We have the forces in place to handle the situation.” If that was and is true, why are we now considering adding more troops to try to stabilize the place?

This is starting to look a lot like Vietnam. No tropical forests here, just desert and a forest of people within which hides an enemy ready to destroy everything, including their own people, in order to repel The Invader.

Are we on the road to learn the lessons of Vietnam all over again?