Thursday, August 21, 2003

About True Honor…

The Texas politician who has acted with true honor and with a sense of purpose and duty is a Republican. Texas Senator Bill Ratliff, who has a reputation for honesty and fair play, realized early in the game that the damage the redistricting issue would do was not worth the small politician gains the Republicans would make. Despite what must be tremendous political pressure to do otherwise, Senator Ratliff has consistently demonstrated that he had Texas’ best interests in mind. Of all the politicians involved in this fray, he is only one I would unhesitatingly vote for; and I do not usually vote for Republican causes or candidates. No matter what party a politician is involved with, though, he will get my vote if I am convinced he is fair, balanced, and open. Ratliff has consistently struck me as being just that.

U.S. Congressman Tom Delay, on the other hand, seems interested only in advancing his own power and his own political interests. His stance on the Middle East, just like his stance on Texas redistricting, will only tend to extend the strife and violence that infects that part of the world. I see little in his approaches that make me believe that as he gains power there can be anything good in it. He is divisive, and that fact is hidden behind his political power largely fueled by the money of large special interests.

I discovered this morning that our local phone carrier, SBC, has made some rather large political contributions to Delay. It’s enough to make me cancel my local phone service.