Monday, August 11, 2003

On the issue of gay marriage…

I’m always amazed and amused at how conservatives get so upset about the idea of gay marriage. They seem to believe that a person’s sexual orientation is based simply on a conscious moral and sexual choice. Further, their overzealous drive to “protect marriage” implies that they must really feel that being homosexual is so much more fun than being heterosexual, that if homosexual marriages were approved, every heterosexual would choose it. Why do you move to protect something unless it’s somehow threatened?

In truth, marriage has always been more advantageous to political and religious systems than to individuals. After all, the typical definition of marriage typically involves the generation of children. More children mean more converts and tithes for the church and more voters and taxpayers for political systems. Gay marriage poses a threat to that manipulation by those systems more than it poses any kind of a threat to spirituality or morality. Understand that and you will understand why the politicians and the churches are reacting.

The Catholic church’s stance on this issue, and the issue of gayness in general, is more immoral than the immorality it believes gays represent. At least gays are honest about who they are, something that has not been true about an organization that has apparently been covering up some of the worst institutional child abuse in history. I have more trouble with that dishonesty and judgementalism than any one person’s sexual orientation. One of the things I’ve learned over the years about the God I know is that everything that happens is supposed to, which means, too, that being gay is as much a part of God’s plan as being heterosexual. Even if it does nothing more than to teach us to look past our judgements of others whether based on their appearance or their sexuality, it will have served its purpose.