Tuesday, August 19, 2003

On the Texas Legislature’s continuing version of “Days of Our Knives”…

The “Texas 11”, as they are now being called, are still gone. Governor Perry and the GOP blobjority have levied fines, taken away cell phone privileges, and deleted parking spaces for the Senators like a bunch of spoiled children trying to punish their pals. You would think that Perry and Company would have gotten the message by now. But this has become a pissing contest.

Never mind that the Texas Constitution requires redistricting every ten years, we were due in 2001, and the reason that judges did it back then was because Perry wouldn’t call a special session on redistricting and a lawsuit was launched. Never mind that two of the three judges involved were Republican. Never mind that they did their jobs and stayed impartial. Never mind that they are more to be trusted than the Legislature or the Governor. Never mind that by continuing the special session anyway, Perry is costing taxpayers much, mucho bucks that could be used for other things.

Perry may now know it, now, but I believe that his days as a politician are numbered. We’ll see if the voters agree.