Thursday, September 04, 2003

On being right versus being happy…

One of the things I’ve learned in my life…and that I keep re-learning…is I must often choose between being right and being happy. We live in a world that is, by and large, codependent; therefore, self-righteousness is one of our most desirable and confused traits. But, in the end, it is our insistence that what we think and believe is right, with no room for questioning or doubt that we may be wrong, that breeds so much. For me, part of being happiness is the understanding and acceptance that the world is imperfect by design….that imperfection is perfection. Instead, as a species, we seem to think there’s something wrong with the world out there and then do all we can to fix it, sometimes resorting to whatever means are necessary, even killing. In truth, the more we are willing to kill to protect something we believe, the more shaky our own faith is. If we truly believe something, we will live from it, and, in that self-satisfaction, not find the need to convert even one other person to the way we live and breathe.

Yesterday, the state of Florida executed Paul Hill. He was convinced he was acting for God. I feel, instead, that he was playing God. His justification for taking life and his conviction that God would reward him is the same tact, the same exact belief system, adopted by the 9/11 hijackers. There was and is no difference between them, though if you were to put them in the same room, they would all deny it and hate each other equally. In the end, neither party is likely to achieve their political ends. The only guaranteed end is a continuation of the circle of violence and, ultimately, their own destruction.

Happy people don’t destroy others. They are too busy being happy. So, spread the word. When it is said that happiness is an inside job, there is no greater truth.