Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Short Memories…

Americans seem to be afflicted with either short memories or a foolhardy tolerance when it comes to their politicians. We don’t seem to be holding President Bush’s feet to the fire when it comes to Iraq. We are too easily swayed by his swirling rhetoric about war and national security. We are saying nothing on the streets about the President’s monumental fiscal request to support the continuing operations in the war in Iraq; we have forgotten that the President said most of the cost would be financed by proceeds from Iraqi oil, even though that smacked of American colonialism. We forget we have still not found the weapons of mass destruction so liberally used to justify the war in Iraq in the first place; and we forget about North Korea, a much bigger strategic threat to U.S. interests than Iraq could ever hope to be. We forget that the war in terror started with a justified U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, and we forget that the war there is still ongoing. We forget.

We forget what we learned in Vietnam, which the war in Iraq is starting to look more and more like except the Viet Cong have been replaced by Al Quaida. We forget the internment and trampling of the freedoms and liberties of our own Japanese citizens during World War II, now replaced by “enemy combatants”. We forget what we learned when we went down these roads before, and the price all of us will pay for not learning those lessons. We forget.

How long will it be before we remember?

In Memoriam…
…to those who died on September 11, 2001 and since. One day, I pray, that Unconditional Love, the only True Love there is, will triumph; that nations and men will see each other as different instead of as enemies; that we will choose not to fight even though we can; that we will choose to build rather than destroy, to laugh instead of frown, and to live instead of die.