Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Not as it appears…

I was talking with a young friend of mine who had voted for President Bush in the last election, and we were discussing Bush’s current problems with credibility. My friend said he had voted for Bush so he would bring some honesty and integrity to the White House. But he was having a hard time believing Bush anymore and was leaning away from voting for him in the next election.

Not a problem for me.

Too much about Bush has always struck me as somewhat insincere, as if somehow one poked beneath the surface, one would not find much depth. Bush rose to the occasion during 9/11 and showed himself a somewhat capable Commander in Chief ; but at the same time, he seemed to lack the maturity one would expect of a President, often acting more like a teenager who didn’t understand the fight he was in or what its consequences could be. As my young friend noted, since Bush has been President, world tensions with the U.S. have increased; and Bush’s “axis of evil” and “bring them on” sound bites were almost beyond belief.

If you had asked me a year ago if I thought Bush could be defeated in the next election, I would have said “no”. But Bush’s lack of credibility and his near neglect of conditions at home have made him vulnerable. War can only deflect a citizenry’s attention for so long. Bush may be running quickly out of time.