Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Playing God

I’ve been watching all the hub-bub over same-sex marriages for the past few weeks now. There are two things about the issue I can’t get past. They are: (1) if two people love each other and want to commit to each other, what difference does it make what sex they are? Why isn’t their love more important? ; (2) It’s not my business who anyone else wants to fall in love with or go to bed with or marry, unless it happens to be a child of mine below the age of legal consent. So, someone tell me, who gave others the right to play God instead of learning to Love like Him?

Marriage is a human institution, no more or less divine than everything else in life. Why is it that some people cannot understand that God’s hand is in everything? We call marriage divine, break it out separately, because it serves the interests of our institutions. Yes, it does also serve the family; but the fact that the religious right and prominent so-called Christian churches are fighting this issue so mightily has more to do with their losing control, with their not being able to dictate the morals of the country, something they have no business doing anyway. And can’t handle. (Seen the news lately?) The business of the church, as I see it, needs to be helping people integrate God into their lives, helping them discover who He is, and not trying to teach them the God that only they understand. From what I’ve seen, their understanding is narrow and dim.

Sex and sexuality are gifts from God. I’m definitely heterosexual and like it that way. I’m not, though, going to condemn anyone else because they are not. If I did, who knows when the day might come when being heterosexual is viewed with shame. It is, now, of course; and that’s part of our problem. Maybe that’s what the gay fighters are so illogically and terribly afraid of everyone finding out.

There are a lot of people who will try to push an agenda…who will insist that its’ more important to be married than in a healthy relationship (it’s not)…who will insist that staying in a bad marriage for the kids is the right thing to do (it’s not)…who will insist in some way or another into trapping others into the same trap they’ve chosen for themselves. My reality is that the most important thing in life is to learn about Love, not any particular form it takes. That’s something I forget all too often; and, so, apparently, do most others.