Friday, April 16, 2004

Bush's Speech and Andy's Analysis

I listened to Bush’s speech this week, and he was right. The United States must stay the course in Iraq and do everything we can to give the new Iraqi government a fighting chance to establish itself. Bush’s idea is that we are there to give the country a chance at democracy. I keep wondering, though, what it is the Iraqi’s want. If the answer to the question of whether they want democracy is ?no?, then we are sacrificing American lives, both in the killing and maiming that war costs, for little or no reason. Bush is very naïve to think that all peoples in the world want or are ready for democracy.

Still, whether we stay the course or not, that doesn’t change the real question: Did Bush take us into this war for the good of the country or for his own reasons? I suspect it was the latter, and I’ve said so in earlier blogs. The real result of this war won’t be known for a decade; Iraq has as much chance at turning into another dictatorship as it does of being free.

In a poll on a CNN this week, most respondents felt that the war in Iraq had weakened the war on terrorism. I agree. Not only has it removed both troops and focus on Afghanistan, but it is slowly increasing anti-American sentiment in the Middle East and elsewhere. It is that sentiment, even more than military or police actions, which will make or break terrorism around the world. I believe it’s naïve to think that terrorism will ever be totally eliminated, which raises the question of how long the U.S. will remain on a ?war footing?, as Bush said this week. Forever? If that’s the case, then the terrorists have won, no matter how much we deny it. That’s part of the reason why Al Quaeda has been quoted as saying they’d like to see Bush re-elected. He’s good for their business.