Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Big Crunch

A New York Times article revealed that current astrophysical research is discovering the Universe’s expansion is proceeding at a surprisingly accelerating rate. Astronomers are predicting that, eventually, there could be no stars left to see in the night sky.

The ultimate fate of the universe will be determined by what scientists are calling "dark energy", something not fully understood. But many scientists believe the universe will eventually be destroyed in a "Big Rip" in which atoms themselves are torn apart or in a collapse and Big Crunch, the reverse of the Big Bang.

My money’s on the latter.

The natural world works in cycles. It’s built to recoup its expenditures and rejuvenate itself. If the universe eventually collapsed into a Big Crunch, the laws of matter and energy would be conserved and the universe could continue to collapse until the collapse finally explodes again, repeating the cycle that began the universe we know. I am convinced our universe is not the first that has existed and won’t be the last. It is, ultimately, only the one we know.

That means that no matter what we do to expand our presence to other worlds, mankind will not survive. You may, but no species lives forever.

The real message in that is this: Living in the moment is really all of us any have.