Friday, August 13, 2004

Back from the Wilds of Walt Disney World

The reason there haven’t been any posts to this blog for about the past week is simple. I wasn’t here. Instead, my wife and I were spending our third anniversary at Walt Disney World in Florida?with a one day swing through Kennedy Space Center. Our timing was absolutely perfect. Though we did have to deal with some rain, we were home before either tropical weather system (i.e.. Bonnie or Charley) ravaged the Florida coast.

I’d like to tell you that we are Mickey and Minnie’d out, but we’re not. We had a great time and hit the three parks in Walt Disney World we were aiming for. We even ate dinner with some Disney characters. Who says you can’t have a second childhood?

Of course, we paid Disney prices for everything. That’s to be expected. But they were nothing compared to the price of a hotdog and fries at Kennedy Space Center’s visitor center. I paid almost $7 for the pair! Won’t do that again.

I’m still need to download pictures out of our digital cameras, though we really didn’t take that many. I got no pictures inside Disney’s new ride, ?Mission:Space?, a helluva thrill ride that sends you to Mars, complete with space sickness. Nor inside the light-hearted bouncing and accelerations of ?Star Tours?. I might have a few from the ?Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular?. But I gave up on trying to photograph inside ?Pirates of the Carribean? long ago.

One thing no one talks to you about is the after-affect of such a rollicking visit. It’s called ?PMD?-Post Mickey Depression. My wife and I are suffering from it now. It’s showing itself via an urge to drop into early retirement and make people smile. Too bad we’re both trapped in that thing called ?making a living?.

By now, one of my favorite authors, Ed Abbey, must be turning in his grave. You’ll have to forgive me for this, Ed; my wife had never been and always has wanted to go. That’s done, now; and in deference to us both, our next anniversary will be spent in a more Abbey-like fashion, i.e., river-running the Grand Canyon. I can’t wait to write about that!