Wednesday, November 03, 2004

B Is For Bullshit

If you've read much of what I've written here, then you know I'm not a Bush fan. I wasn't happy that he won the election nor was I surprised. We Americans are a country in denial.

Of course, now that he has won, Bush is once again appearing as the ?compassionate conservative? he is not. Besides, I thought compassion was a dirty word. It sure seemed to be during the campaign, in more ways than one.

Bush stated that he was going to focus much of his presidency on issues of morality and economy. The economy is his business. Morality is not. Governments, by their very nature, lack morality. How is he expects to give away something he doesn't have?

I was hoping that the election would prove that ?b is for balance?. But the country would have none of that. Instead, we proved that ?b is for bullshit?. Stand by. We're going to have four more years of it.