Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cold Weather

The weather report this morning reflected the typical Houston winter pattern. It would be warm out today, up in the seventy degree (Farenheit) range. But up north, it is much colder. Some places it’s in the twenties and even in the teens, if not below zero.

It’s colder still in Washington, DC, where the outside air temperature is only one of the gauges. My wife and I both remarked how the cold temperature showed on the face of a TV reporter from Houston, Jessica Willey, who is reporting on the President’s Inauguration. I don’t know where Jessica is from, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s somewhere in the south. She obviously was not used to the twenty degree temps she was dealing with. The real question is whether the chill she was feeling was due just to the weather.

I’ve listened all week to the rationalizations justifying that this Presidential Inauguration is one of the most expensive on record. People seem confused over holding an Inauguration this expensive and holding one at all. They keep throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The President could just raise his right hand and swear in and give the $40 million+ to tsunami relief or impact things closer to home and give it as a “thank you” to those families whose loved ones have been killed in Iraq. Many of them probably need bucks to make ends meet. That’s not happening, and the Inauguration fits the tone of the Administration behind it, i.e., arrogant, extravagant at the expense of others, and operating in denial.

Spending $40 million dollars on something the rest of America will get no benefit from feels a lot like, “Let them eat cake!”.