Thursday, February 10, 2005

Culture of Life?

A few weeks ago when President Bush was contrasting us with the terrorists, he stated that we believe in a culture of life. I’ve heard that rhetoric used by the conservative right when talking about issues of abortion. While I don’t disagree that our culture does seem to hold life in a higher regard than many other cultures, I’m not convinced that Mr. Bush and many of his brethren really understand what that means.

I must consider such a statement hypocritical if, as a country, our first response in any situation in world affairs is to resort to military force; and indeed, with this President more than any other in recent history, he seems to use force and diplomacy backwards. You cannot claim you believe in a culture of life if your first impulse in dealing with world situations is to go to war. War overseas. War at home. Against abortion clinics. Against the environment. Against homosexuals.

If Bush believes in a culture of life, then why does his current budget slash funding for programs benefiting Mother Earth, education, the National Parks, and many other things that enhance the quality of life for everyday Americans?

Does he believe in life only for the conservative right?

It would appear so.