Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Stemming Hypocrisy

The US House of Representatives has approved expanded uses of stem cell research, and President Bush has threatened to veto the measure. His reason? He says that he will not allow us to destroy life to save it. Isn’t that exactly what he is doing in Iraq? Hasn’t he maintained that the American sacrifice, which is the destruction of young American lives, is worth the life we’re attempting to give to the people of Iraq?

This is, as is often the case when dealing with issues surrounding abortion, nothing more than another case of hypocrisy. There’s a lot of that going around in Washington these days.

Take, for instance, the Republican cry against “activist judges”. These are judges who rule in directions against those of the Republican right. Meanwhile, the big battle in The Senate has been over Bush’s picks for the Federal courts. Why? Because he’s busy stacking the courts with conservative judges, ones he believes will interpret the law, in their own activist way, to lean toward conservative values. Otherwise, if all judges were not exercising their own belief systems in interpreting the law, why would it matter?

The reality is that both parties pull this stuff to solidify their own political power instead of doing what’s best for the country. I don’t think I’ve seen such arrogance, self-righteousness, or hypocrisy coming out of Washington in decades. The sad truth probably is that it’s just reflecting where we are as a people. Or we wouldn’t put up with it.

Freedom has little long-term hope unless we get honest and reel it in. We are becoming, in effect, our own worse enemies