1976 Grumman Cheetah

These are pictures of our 1976 Cheetah taken in June 2005 at the Galveston Texas aiport (GLS) while she was awaiting an appraisal, a pre-sale inspection, and a final deal. It looks about the same today except we added some Cheetah decals behind the rear windows on both side.

You can't tell from these pictures that the paint is in "okay" shape. We'd love to repaint her but the cost is in the $6000 range, unlike painting a car where a couple of hundred bucks and a trip to MAACO can do you up.

The push-to-talk button was one of those aftermarket portable jobs that someone had wired into the panel. Bad move. I've taken it out and am using a new but portable unit I haul in and out of the cockpit with my headset.